Omnis film is a group of constructive people, absolutely focused on achieving goals. In every situation of task-oriented and constantly optimizing the adopted solutions. The objective quality of the project is therefore always more important than the personal ambitions of any member.

Each order is nominated by a different team selected from the pool of a carefully selected professional contact database.

Omnis film also has its permanent core. It is made up of young people, full of passion and older people who are guided by versatile experience and professional intuition.

Daniel “Soldier” Krać

Creative producer and Co-founder

Nobody knows what he knows and vice versa. Always ready, always in action. Usually lying down. The word is its light, and the laughter is abyssed – may God protect us!

Michael “PopGan” Bednarczyk

Executive producer and Co-founder

His deep voice makes production go like a knife in butter, and the crew is like an angelic choir in the blue – singing and murmuring the success of the film announces!

Mark “Ghost” Zawisza

Creative director and Scenarist
It is but it is not there. He always appears where he is most needed to disappear in a moment. Nobody does it he saw, but he is everywhere. That’s him – Zawisza – do not be mistaken with Blackone!

John “Family” Tuszewski

Creative graphic and Copywriter

Family is a thing to him the most important. You could write a lot about it, but why? It’s better to bite the calculator!

Ower “Loved” Ones
  • Kris Komander

– Film Direktor, Best film Editor

  • Paul Dyllus

– Photography and film Direktor

  • Peter Dudak

– Operator, Photography Direktor

  • Paul Baryla

– Stage Designer, Storyboard Artist




We are happy to answer any questions!


Daniel Krać – Creative Producer

Ostrobramska Str. 82

Telefon: +48 730 830 704



Michał Bednarczyk – Executive Producer

Lompy Str. 2

Telefon: +48 508 128 343