What’s your favorite online event program?


  1. What are your viewers’ impressions of the waiting room of your event?
  2. How easy is it to download the appropriate plug / app and join a meeting?
  3. How many presenters are going to perform at the same time and which platform allows it?
  4. What is the sound and picture quality that will satisfy you?
  5. How many viewers will take part in the event at the same time?


All of these factors matter. Choosing the best partner and software for conducting online events begins with answering the above questions. Streamed events are the new normality, and we, as professional film and TV makers, enter this world willingly, boldly, and strongly excited.


New technologies, new media, new opportunities for everyone on both sides of the cameras. We use this potential more and more skillfully, and improving the standards of such communication is, in a sense, our passion and mission.


Let’s repeat: concept, creation, storyboards, set design, lighting, actors, extras, set management, direction, script, production, advanced technology, promotion, social media, viral shit, costumes, post-production, photo sessions, sound, animation etc. Omnis.


Our film approach to the subject, creative experience and your story can translate into legendary educational content, clearly ahead of the competition in terms of quality. We will shoot you a story, document, business card, CV, VOD course – everything you want and the right budget.


During the live broadcast, we will take care of the appearance of your windows. We can also take a look at the quality of your guests’ broadcasting booths, if you care about it, you have access to them and you think it’s worth it.


We will direct you, your speech live and / or online. We will put up a studio or virtual set design. In our studio, we invite you to meet a coach who will help you mentally move to the other side of the screen, and at the same time normalize the change and / or develop your career.

lights & backgrounds

The amazing green screen technology can take your event anywhere in the world,

or into space.


We carry out photo and / or film sessions in offices, office buildings, urban and natural spaces, wherever you want to have a background for your online speeches.


Of course, we will also help you choose / create graphic backgrounds – with the event logo / slogans, etc.

dearest people

Behind the consoles / cameras we can seat talented, experienced and outstanding people, or if that’s enough for you, we’ll use standard headphones with a microphone, without audio mixing.


Omnis Film can hire masters of each of the elements that make up the best audio-visual product in the budget, thanks to which we do not have any complexes and we are not afraid of competition.


Above all, however, we are effectively looking for solutions most adequate to the idea and budget possibilities that you will let us have at our disposal. Intermediate solutions will be the most popular anyway, because we usually want it to be good enough and not too expensive, but you will decide who, what and for how much.


We love movies and our clients. We put our whole heart into each project. We work in a very friendly atmosphere – so you have full support from the set, script, to broadcast.

equipment & studio

Stage lighting and projectors setes, microphones including cordless tie or headband microphones; directors roomes with audio and video mixers, connected with servers ready to handle even the most demanding stream as well as the size and quality of the studio, will be tailored to your needs and possibilities.


A detailed list of surfaces and equipment is available at the customer’s request, after agreeing on the terms and budget of the implementation. Depending on the needs, we can also advise on the configuration of own broadcasting stations for use in the client’s office conditions.

stream pricing

Approximate minimum costes / PLN


Concept development ………. 000

Consultation with the clien… 000

Remote Streaming ……….. 1900 / day

Studio at the client’……… 900 / day

Medium studio …………….. 1200 / day

Technician / opera………. 400 / day

Networking platform admin …….. 500 / day



The final cost summary is only possible after all the relevant details are established.

choose a platform

According to research conducted by ClickMeeting, as many as 44% of respondents declared that paid webinars are their main (12%) or additional (32%) source of income. At the same time, survey participants confirm the constantly growing monetization potential of online meetings.


Got your favorite online meeting program? We will check if we can use it to implement the event. If not, we will suggest a suitable tool.

Wise Things Studio™

Area from 30 seconds – 3.5 minutes;

Studio business card / camera, operator, green screen, editing / 300-600 PLN net / optional one-hour meeting with a coach + 200 PLN net

Open-air studio business card / camera, operator, green screen, outdoor locations, editing / 1000-1500 PLN net / optional hourly meeting with a coach + 200 PLN net


Size 3.5 min – 15 min;

Career coaching + photos + video doc. about you / 2 shooting days with a coach, director, operator, designer / PLN 5000-8000 net

Development and camera training + photo report / photo day with a trainer, director, photographer, designer / 2000-3000 PLN net / optional film, doc. + PLN 500 net


Area 1h-3h

Stream of the conference, webinar, possible processing of the material in post-production / PLN 2,000-20,000 net / depending on detailed arrangements.

Photo report from online or offline events / PLN 300-600 net

Online course production / PLN 2,500-4,500 / shooting day with director, set designer / optional documentary film, director, designer + PLN 400 net / for each of these items.

our other possibilities

Helpful things we know.


Online courses
TV programs

We are constantly looking at popular offers from YouTube, TV, etc.

We help create scripts, scenography and directing online courses for international educational platforms.


Implementation corrections

Some successful events and footage may be worth editing for further or re-broadcast.

Sometimes it is worth doing extra time to supplement or update something during assembly.


SM campaigns
Google Ads

We make movies and then we want them to earn their living online. Maybe you already have the materials, and now you need to use them.

We will make videos for action. We will cause a stir in the dedicated media.

Oponeo B&W - 366

Screenplay & Direction

We consult ideas and accompany them in their implementation, even if you do it without our constant presence.


Costumes & Makeup

Remember that these are important elements of your personal brand. We will provide you with contact to our specialists.


Scenography & Technology

You can ask us for advice and we will not always charge you for it, because customer service is also our passion and mission.

sample projects

Movies, online conferences, webinars, photo and film reports.

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